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Eating suggestions for fresh starting bodybuilders

This article is for those who have started training and want to gain muscle. The most important thing what we need to build muscles is proper eating. What I mean is that only exercise and hard training does not do the trick. We need to consume enough proteins, carbs and fat to get the result we are looking for. This is not just some short time plan, that must be part of your new lifestyle.
Firstly lets take a look at a man who weights about 155 lbs (70 kg). Lets say that he goes to gym four times in a week plus is occupied with his everyday ongoings. If he wants to see some improvement in his musculature he must consume about 2650 calories per day because he loses about 2100 calories per day. What comes out is that he needs to consume at least 550 calories more than his body needs to recover from training and to achieve some improvement.

Let' s take a closer look now. It is vital to consume about 5,5 grams or more protein per 1 lbs or 2,5 grams per 1 kg so for a 155 lbs man it would be necesssary to eat about 0,38 lbs (175 g) protein per day. A need for carbohydrates is even bigger. It is 10 grams or more per 1 lbs or 5 grams per 1 kg. In our example it would be 0,77 lbs (350 g). The need for fat is actually about half the size or slightly more of the amount of protein. So for a man with weight 155 lbs it would be necessary to eat in about 2,8 grams per each 1 lbs or about 1,8 grams per 1 kg so altogether about 0,28 lbs (126 g).

Finally the amount of food you eat every day should consist carbs (40- 45%), proteins (30- 35%) and fat (20- 25%) from grand total (100%) to see some improvement. Keep in mind that eating properly must be a part of your lifestyle if you want to achieve your objectives in bodybuilding. Otherways you will not get that result you are looking for, that is a fact.